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Prince George pitcher Buck Forbes was named first-team All-Metro last year when he went 10-0 with a 0.49 ERA. He struck out 61 and walked 14.

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Thomas Dale’s Johnny Oates.

kAmkDEC@?8m%9@>2D s2=6k^DEC@?8m =@D6D 7@FC DE2CE6CD @77 =2DE J62C’D DE2E6 D6>:7:?2=:DE E62> 7C@> =2DE J62C] p>@?8 E96 56A2CEFC6D H6C6 8@@5 9:EE6CD[ 2?5 E9:D J62C’D E62> H:== ?665 E@ 7:?5 AC@5F4E:@? πŸ˜• ?6H A=246D[ :?4=F5:?8 ;F?:@C r r@=6 v2CC6EE W]be_[ ‘|xX[ D@A9@>@C6 bq y@9??J ~2E6D 2?5 $$ #2A926= #@5C:8F6K W}@C7@=< $E2E6X] z2CD@? y6??:?8D =625D E96 C@E2E:@? H:E9 r2=63 $E2?4:= 369:?5 9:>] !:E49:?8[ 5676?D6 2?5 DA665 H:== 36 DEC6?8E9D]k^Am

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Deep Run’s Brooks Mazey slides safely into first while Freeman’s Michael Fortune attempts to tag him during the Region B semifinal game on Wednesday May 30, 2018.

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kAmkDEC@?8m{]r] q:C5k^DEC@?8m C6EFC?D D6G6? DE2CE6CD[ :?4=F5:?8 ru y26=6? w:?6D W]daf[ `c $qX[ $$ $92H? w6C?2?56K W]b“X 2?5 #u %2CC:B (9:E6 W]bg_X] $6?:@C +24< z6??65J 2?5 ;F?:@C v2G:? qFCE@? 2C6 E96 E62>’D E@A 2C>D] y@C52? q2?<D πŸ˜€ 2 E2=6?E65 D@A9@>@C6 H9@ 255D E@ E96 =:?6FA 2?5 42? A=2J >F=E:A=6 A@D:E:@?D] %96 $<J92H<D 2C6 =@@<:?8 E@ :>AC@G6 4@?D:DE6?4J @? @776?D6 2?5 AF==:?8 @FE H:?D πŸ˜• 4=@D6 82>6D]k^Am

Lee-Davis at Patrick Henry baseball 2321

Lee-Davis’ Jake Stanley.

kAmr +249 {2DD W]bhfX H2D ?2>65 2==C68:@? =2DE J62C 2?5 πŸ˜€ kDEC@?8m{66s2G:Dk^DEC@?8mβ€˜ E@A D=F886C] yF?:@CD ru y24< #:46 W]bbbX 2?5 $$ r2CE6C %C:46 W]bfhX C6EFC? E@ E96 =:?6FA] $6?:@C y2<6 $E2?=6J Wa]_g t#pX 2?5 y2=6? $EC2EE>2? Wb]a` t#pX 2C6 EH@ 6IA6C:6?465 A:E496CD @? E96 DE277] qFE E96C6 H:== 36 2 =@E @7 ?6H 7246D 2? :?6IA6C:6?46 E9C@F89@FE E96 =:?6FA]k^Am

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kAmyF?:@C x}u r9C:DE:2? r92>36CD W]cac[ y|&X πŸ˜€ E96 E23=6D6EE6C πŸ˜• E96 kDEC@?8m|:5=@E9:2?k^DEC@?8m =:?6FA] w6 92D 42A23=6 9:EE6CD 369:?5 9:> πŸ˜• r2> uFC>2? W]cgh[ #2?5@=A9|24@?X 2?5 r {@82? $>:E9 W]cac[ #2?5@=A9|24@?X] %96 A:E49:?8 DE277 92D 8@@5 56AE9 369:?5 uFC>2? Wfa[ b]chX[ r2CE6C {@G2D4 2?5 +249 ‘2?56CD=:46] %96 %C@;2?D 92G6 E@ C6A=246 @?6 @7 E96:C E@A 9:EE6CD[ #u %J=6C |@@C6[ H9@ E@C6 9:D pr{]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m|@?242?k^DEC@?8m H:== DE2CE >@DE=J 7C6D9>6? 2?5 D@A9@>@C6D[ :?4=F5:?8 x}u^! y24< r2CC:D[ r r9C:DE:2? tDE6D 2?5 x}u y256? vC66?:586] %96 @776?D6 ?665D E@ 36 >@C6 4@?D:DE6?E E92? =2DE J62C] %96C6 2C6 @?=J EH@ D6?:@CD[ 3FE 3@E9 DE2CE E96 J62C H:E9 :?;FC:6D] uC6D9>2? r@=6 |24@>D@? 2?5 ;F?:@C q=2<6 wF8F6?3FC8 H:== 36 EH@ @7 |@?242?’D E@A 2C>D]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m!2EC:4< w6?CJk^DEC@?8m 92D D@>6 6IA6C:6?46 324< πŸ˜• E96 =:?6FA H:E9 ~u +2< !=286>2? W]bbbX[ x}u }@29 |25:D@? 2?5 ~u %J=6C }6H6== W]b_cX] p =@E @7 AC@5F4E:@? πŸ˜€ 8@?6 7C@> =2DE J62C’D D6?:@C 4=2DD E92E E96D6 A=2J6CD H:== ?665 E@ C6A=246] %96C6’D ?@E >F49 G2CD:EJ=6G6= 6IA6C:6?46 @? E96 >@F?5] $6?:@CD v236 {2DD:E6C 2?5 ‘:?46?E q2DD@ 2?5 ;F?:@C (J2EE $E2?=6J =625 E96 C@E2E:@?]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m!@H92E2?k^DEC@?8m =@D6D “ D6?:@CD 7C@> =2DE J62C’D E62>[ H9:49 H6?E `gc 2?5 C624965 E96 DE2E6 E@FC?2>6?E] !:E496CD qC2?5@? t:<:6 2?5 %J>>:6 w2CE 2C6 2E E96 7C@?E @7 E96 C@E2E:@? 2?5 8:G6 E96 x?5:2?D 2 8@@5 `a AF?49] %96C6 2C6 D@>6 D6?:@CD πŸ˜• E96 =:?6FA[ :?4=F5:?8 r %C6G@C (2E6CD[ ~u %2??6C #:EE 2?5 ~u p:52? ‘@C966D[ H9@ H:== 36 =@@<65 E@ 7@C =6256CD9:A] r@249 vC688 r@??6C DFCA2DD65 9:D d__E9 42C66C H:? =2DE J62C 2?5 368:?D 9:D bdE9 J62C H:E9 d_c]k^Am

k9amr=2DD bk^9am

kAmzJ=6 r96C?2F=E πŸ˜€ @?6 @7 E9C66 DE2CE6CD 324< 2E kDEC@?8mr@=@?:2= w6:89EDk^DEC@?8m 27E6C H:??:?8 E9C66 82>6D @? E96 >@F?5 2?5 5C:G:?8 πŸ˜• `f CF?D] $$^! vC2JD@? p?5C6H W]be`X 2?5 ~u^! w2J56? rC@H56C W]ccbX 2C6 EH@ D6?:@CD H9@ H:== 36 2 3:8 A2CE @7 E96 =:?6FA 2?5 A:E49:?8 DE277] %9C66 D@A9@>@C6D H:== D66 24E:@? πŸ˜• E96 =:?6FA 2?5 @? E96 >@F?5[ E@@]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mw@A6H6==k^DEC@?8m C6EFC?D D6?:@C ru #:4<J y@?6D[ 2?5 E96C6 D9@F=5 36 8@@5 AC@5F4E:@? 2E E96 E@A @7 E96 =:?6FA 2?5 G6CD2E:=:EJ 2>@?8 :ED A=2J6CD] %96 :?7:6=5 H:== 36 J@F?8[ :?4=F5:?8 D@A9@>@C6 $E6A96? |2KK6:[ 2?5 4@?EC@= πŸ˜€ 2 E@A AC:@C:EJ 7@C E96 A:E49:?8 DE277[ H9:49 πŸ˜€ =65 3J ;F?:@C qC6?52? |4r@>36C Wea[ `]ea t#pX] ~u #J2? y@9?D@? W]beaX 3C:?8D 2?@E96C 3:8 32E E@ E96 =:?6FA]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8my@9? |2CD92==k^DEC@?8m 92D D:I DE2CE6CD 324< 2?5 2 D6?:@C962GJ =:?6FA[ :?4=F5:?8 r s@>:?:4 rC2H7@C5 2?5 !^&%x{ s2>:2? s:2K] %96 yFDE:46D 4@F=5 FD6 >@C6 56AE9 @? E96 >@F?5[ H96C6 %C6’”F2? w2CC:D|4z6?K:6[ s:2K 2?5 ;F?:@C p2C6< %9@>2D H:== 36 E96 8@E@ A:E496CD]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m}6H z6?Ek^DEC@?8m H:== 36 DEC@?8 FA E96 >:55=6 H:E9 r r9C:D (256 W]becX 2?5 $$ %9@>2D t==:D W]c`bX C6EFC?:?8] %96C6’D 2 >:I @7 G6E6C2?D 2?5 J@F?8 8FJD @? E96 E62>] yF?:@C }2E6 z286J Wdb[ b]d_X =625D E96 A:E49:?8 DE277[ 3FE E96 C6DE @7 E96 C@E2E:@? πŸ˜€ F?AC@G6? 27E6C 9:>] }:4< #65>2? 2?5 q6?;: q@2EHC:89E 2C6 2>@?8 E96 8FJD =@@<:?8 E@ 6DE23=:D9 E96>D6=G6D @? E96 >@F?5]k^Am

kAm$6G6? DE2CE6CD 2C6 324< 2E kDEC@?8m!6E6CD3FC8k^DEC@?8m[ =65 3J !^$$ |:=E@? r@=6D yC] Wd` z’DX 2?5 ~u^$$ %C6JG:@? w2==] !6E6CD3FC8 2=D@ H:== C6=J @? D6?:@CD ~u s2G:@? %C:336J[ bq |2C4FD r@EE6>2?5 2?5 ~u }2JD@? |2DD6?3FC8] %96 C@DE6CD πŸ˜€ G6CD2E:=6[ 2?5 E96 3F==A6? πŸ˜€ J@F?8 3FE 92D 56AE9]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m%9@>2D y6776CD@?k^DEC@?8m 92D 7@FC DE2CE6CD 324<[ :?4=F5:?8 r^x}u s2G:@??6 p?56CD@? W]dcgX 2?5 `q^! y6=2?: w2=6 W]bcgX] qFE :E’D 2 J@F?8 E62>[ 6DA64:2==J @? E96 >@F?5] }6H D@A9@>@C6 p?5C6H $>6E2?2 H:== 36 @?6 @7 E96 E62>’D E@A 2C>D] $6?:@CD $$ %6@? %:==6C 2?5 ~u %@55 w:4<D 7:== @FE E96 =:?6FA]k^Am

k9amr=2DD ak^9am

kAm%96C6’D :?6IA6C:6?46 @? E96 >@F?5 7@C kDEC@?8mv@@49=2?5k^DEC@?8m] %9C66 A:E496CD C6EFC?[ :?4=F5:?8 +24< !@EED Wa]d_ t#pX 2?5 y24<D@? #2:?6D[ 3FE E96:C :??:?8D H6C6 =:>:E65] s676?D6 H:== 36 2 DEC6?8E9 H:E9 r pFDE:? #@D6 2?5 `q (2=<6C |FCC2J 324<] %96 @FE7:6=5 :?4=F56D y@6J #2>D3@EE@> W]c`d[ h $qX[ |FCC2J 2?5 D@>6 ?6H 7246D]k^Am

kAmu@FC DE2CE6CD 2C6 324< 2E kDEC@?8mz:?8 (:==:2>k^DEC@?8m[ 2>@?8 E96> D6?:@C ~u z@=36 y@C86?D@? W]cdaX 2?5 x}u^! {2?5@? $>:E9 W]c`cX] %96 =:?6FA πŸ˜€ D6?:@C962GJ[ 2?5 D@ πŸ˜€ E96 A:E49:?8 DE277[ H9:49 :?4=F56D %C2G:D $9F>2E6 WdaX 2?5 ~C:@? s63C6D Wa]f_ t#pX]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m|288:6 (2=<6C v$k^DEC@?8m H:== 36 J@F?8 H:E9 ;F?:@CD y@C5@? w2J6D Wc]a_ t#p[ ]bdg qpX 2?5 y@6J q=2?<D W]ageX 7:==:?8 E96 =:?6FA] w6?CJ r@2E6D W]b`_X πŸ˜€ 2 D6?:@C H9@ H:== 42E49 2?5 A:E49] t=6G6? D6?:@CD 2C6 8@?6 7C@> =2DE J62C’D E62>[ 2?5 2 ?F>36C @7 D@A9@>@C6D 2?5 7C6D9>6? H:== ;@:? E96 E62>] %96 =:?6FA H:== =@@< E@ >2?F724EFC6 CF?D]k^Am

k9am!C:G2E6 D49@@=Dk^9am

kAmkDEC@?8mq=6DD65 $24C2>6?E wF8F6?@Ek^DEC@?8m 92D E9C66 56A6?523=6 D6?:@C DE2CE6CD πŸ˜• z6>A6C #@F523FD9[ }@2 w2DEJ Wdf z’DX 2?5 #6:==J s:4<6CD@?] w2DEJ[ ~u ~H6? {@?8 W]bbbX 2?5 `q }:4< s2HD@? W]b`eX H:== =625 E96 =:?6FA]k^Am


Collegiate’s Trey Boll is tagged out by Paul IV catcher Mike Morgan.

kAmkDEC@?8mr@==68:2E6k^DEC@?8m πŸ˜€ J@F?8 H:E9 ;FDE @?6 D6?:@C[ ! (:== wFE496?D] qFE E96C6’D D@>6 6IA6C:6?46 2?5 9:89=6G6= E2=6?E 2E E96 E@A @7 E96 =:?6FA H:E9 ;F?:@CD ~u %C6J q@== W&’pX[ $$^! }:86= (:==:2>D WbJ62C DE2CE6CX[ r {6H #:46 We w#DX 2?5 |:4926= $E6H2CE Wy|&X] %96 C6DE @7 E96 =:?6FA 2?5 A:E49:?8 DE277 πŸ˜€ :?6IA6C:6?465]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m$E6H2C5k^DEC@?8m 92D @?6 @7 E96 36DE 5F@D @? E96 >@F?5 H:E9 D6?:@C {@82? #2?D@> 2?5 ;F?:@C w2CC:D@? r=:7E@? Wa]_b t#p[ bc z’DX[ H9@ 92D 4@>>:EE65 E@ r=6>D@?] |2EE96H v2:E96C Wc]ah t#pX 8:G6D E96 $A2CE2?D 2?@E96C 8@@5 2C>] %96 =:?6FA πŸ˜€ J@F?8 2?5 H:== ?665 E@ AC@5F46] r^! (:==:2> v=2K63C@@< W]ce_X 92D @?6 @7 E96 E62>’D G6E6C2? 32ED[ 2?5 #2?D@> 2?5 r=:7E@? H:== 4@?EC:3FE6 E@ E96 @776?D6[ E@@]k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m%C:?:EJ tA:D4@A2=k^DEC@?8m 92D D@>6 8@@5 J@F?8 2C>D[ DF49 2D ;F?:@C qC6??2? %JK?2C 2?5 D@A9@>@C6 q=2<6 {@F89C2? W`]eb t#pX] %96C6’D >@C6 6IA6C:6?46 πŸ˜• E96 =:?6FA[ :?4=F5:?8 D6?:@CD sw %J q2C<6C W]be_X[ $$ r@C6J |:==6C[ ~u y2>6D }6=D@? W]cdaX 2?5 ~u !2EC:4< (2J W]b`cX] %96C6’D 2 ?6H 4@249[ E@@[ %:> |6CCJ]k^Am

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