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The big day for football fans comes only once a year, each February, and with it comes rivalry, parties, and a lot of snack food. It may come as some surprise to fans that the most popular food for the game day in Washington is … cake.

That’s right. According to Google, when you consider the most “uniquely searched for” foods around the game day, cake tops the list in Washington.

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It should be noted that Google was looking for unique stand outs in each state. For Washington, a dessert stood out. In other states, a main dish was favored. Such as baked chicken breasts in California. Or dip, another popular dish. In Nevada, it’s vegan cheesy bacon spinach dip. Which begs the question: Does Nevada know what “vegan” means?

Apparently only Alaska and North Dakota have their act together — nachos.

Washington isn’t alone in it’s love of football cake. It’s joined by Arizona, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, and New Hampshire. All favor some for of cake (cupcake, etc.).

Our neighbor, Oregon, is the only state to produce banana bread as a result. No jokes. We’re just going to let that fact speak for itself.

Seattle is 10th best city for football fans

According to WalletHub, Seattle ranks as the 10th best city in the United States for football fans. If we’re only ranking the largest cities (more than 300,000 people), Seattle comes in at 9th — basically, if you knock Green Bay out of consideration, then Seattle moves up a spot.

The online financial site considered a few data points, such as the performance of NFL teams, fan engagement, college level teams, stadiums capacity, and others. A total of 21 metrics were used.

Best large cities for football fans

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Boston
  3. Dallas
  4. New  York
  5. Miami
  6. New Orleans
  7. Oakland
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Seattle
  10. Indianapolis

A total of 244 cities were ranked throughout America. So sorry Pine Bluff, Ark., you are the absolute worst place for football.

Fun fact: Did you know that anyone outside of the NFL cannot legally write the actual title of the big game? It doesn’t matter how super its influence is on pop culture. And it doesn’t matter how much of a bowl of fun it may be. Of course, plenty of folks get away with it. But aside from being a private citizen talking about it, you technically can’t write write out this super-duper big game online.

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