Hampton H.S. baseball team raising money to install field lights – WJHL-TV News Channel 11

HAMPTON, TN (WJHL)- Saturday night hundreds attended an auction to raise money for Hampton High School’s baseball team.

The fundraiser had a specific goal for the team- light the field.

Mark Henry, Vice President of the Diamond Club for the baseball team, told us Saturday night that lighting the field has been something in the works for a while.

Henry said Hampton is one of the only teams in the region without lights around their field, making it difficult to host games at night.

“One of the big reasons that we want to do this is a lot of parents have a hard time getting off, especially early games in February, March when the season starts….we have to start them so early sometimes it’sĀ  3:30-4 o’clock when we start the game. With the addition of the lights it would help a lot with just scheduling,” Henry said.

Henry said school officials have already helped pay for the lights and that part was taken care of.

He said the next step is actually installing the lights, which they estimate will cost anywhere between $22,000-$25,000.

“Even people outside the community have really pitched in, and we have people from all over the Tri-Cities here tonight really, I know several people from Kingsport, a couple from Bristol, and different areasĀ that have really come out just to support the kids and try to help us get the lights for them,” Henry said.

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